Oct 2018
JUMP 2018 - Tunisia

IAESTE Tunisia hosted this year's JUMP event in Djerba on 24-30 September 2018. Volunteer IAESTE students from Turkey also participated at the event, where Job Raising, LC structure and marketing were discussed at various workshops. 

Join Us to Motivate People (JUMP) is the “Motivation and Training Seminar” of IAESTE which was founded in 1995 in Vienna, Austria on the initiative of Martin Klaus, former National Secretary of IAESTE Austria.

JUMP conference is meant to gather experienced members and have them teach as much as possible to new members, who then go to their own countries and apply what they have learnt.

An important aspect of this project is also to cut the cultural differences barrier, to pinpoint any eventual milestones and/or blockers that these volunteers have to face in their work with young students, to learn from others’ experiences and to build up the optimum strategies of work for the future.

You may access this year's event page at

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